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Executive Director and Professor of Fisheries and River Management, Gulbali Institute (Agriculture, Water and Environment), Charles Sturt University, Charles Sturt University

Lee Baumgartner is an Associate Research Professor (Fisheries and River Management) who designs, supervises and undertakes into various aspects of the biology and ecology of freshwater fish. His research has been in several broad areas, including fish passage and fish migration, dietary interactions among native fish species, the impact of human disturbance on aquatic ecosystems and, more recently, the effectiveness of native fish stocking. Dr Baumgartners' work has also focused on developing innovative methods for assessment (such as the adaptation of sonar technology to for migration studies) and improving existing fish collection techniques. Much of his work is applied and has fed back into adaptive management strategies which have resulted in state and national policy development. Recently, he has been involved in research activities in the lower Mekong Basin; specifically understanding mechanisms to help fisheries recover from human disturbance and quantifying the value of fish in a food security context.


  • 2014–present
    Associate Research Professor - Fisheries and River Management, Charles Sturt University