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Professor of Biomathematics at Tel Aviv University and, RMIT University

Lewi Stone is am a biomathematician working at both Tel Aviv University and RMIT University.

He employs mathematical models to help study biological systems. His interest lies in particular in theoretical ecology, in which he uses nonlinear dynamical systems theory, networks and probabilistic approaches to study the stability, persistence and extinction of species, often in a community context. He is also greatly interested in modeling the spread of diseases in epidemiological systems, their seasonal drivers and their mitigation. Specific research interests are:

Theoretical Ecology
Mathematical Biology
Population Models of Disease Spread
Nonlinear Dynamics


  • –present
    Professor of Biomathematics, Tel Aviv University
  • 2015–2019
    Professor Biomathematics, RMIT University
  • Melbourne, Australia; Tel Aviv, Israel
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