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Linda Broadhurst

Director, Centre for Australian National Biodiversity Research, CSIRO

My research centres on identifying processes which contribute to the genetic structure resident within natural plant populations. Much of this research is currently directed towards understanding how impacts such as remnant size, degree of isolation and level of degradation associated with recent landscape fragmentation affect plant population viability. This research is utilising a range of molecular markers to assess levels of genetic diversity and mating systems as well as demographic assessments and growth trials. Closely allied with this project is a strong interest in determining whether fragmentation is also influencing microbial diversity within the remaining remnant vegetation. My other interests include developing a framework to assess species' provenance, particularly for those species commonly used in the restoration of degraded landscapes. I am also interested in hybridisation events which have the potential to threaten species integrity and whether this is exacerbated by fragmentation and isolation.


  • –present
    Post Doctoral Research Fellow, Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research , CSIRO