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Loretta Trickett

Senior lecturer, College of Business Law and Social Sciences, Nottingham Law School, Nottingham Trent University

Dr Trickett has a PhD on Masculinities and the Fear of Crime from the University of Birmingham. Her particular research interest is on masculinities, the fear of crime and victimisation. She is also interested in the related area of boys and bullying and young men and gang violence. She has published articles on men and altruistic fears, boys and bullying and how male gang violence is driven by ‘fears and anxieties’.

More recently she has obtained research funding for two projects which relate to Hate Crime with Dr Paul Hamilton in Criminology. The first of these is a qualitative research project on Hate Crimes against People with Disabilities within Nottingham and the East Midlands. This research also involves Anna Waistnage as research assistant. Anna is doing her PhD at Nottingham Trent on Restorative Justice within the police force in Nottinghamshire. This project is funded by Kate Davies (OBE) on behalf of the NHS Nottingham and also supported by the Hate Crimes Steering Group which is comprised of the NHS Nottingham, The Equalities and Human Rights Commission, Nottinghamshire Police, Nottinghamshire City Council, CPS and the Probation Service amongst others.

Dr Trickett has also been appointed as Research Co-ordinator on an evaluative project on the Work of the Holocaust Centre in Nottingham with school pupils and parents. This is a two year longitudinal project incorporating both quantitative and qualitative methodologies. The research team also consists of Dr Jens Binder and Dr Lucy Betts from the Department of Psychology who will be undertaking the quantitative component of the research and Dr Paul Hamilton who will work with Dr Trickett on the qualitative component.

In terms of written work, Dr Trickett is finishing on an article on gang violence against young women and was recently invited by IARS in London to present a paper on this. Dr Trickett is also working on two other articles for inclusion in a collection of articles on Hate Crime to be published by SAGE edited by Nathan Hall. Dr Trickett is the sole author on the first of these articles entitled ‘The Role of Masculinity in Hate Crimes against Ethnic Minorities’ (initially presented as a paper at The European Criminology Conference in Lithuania, September 2011). The second of these articles is being co-written with Dr Paul Hamilton and is on the Hate Crimes against Disabled People in Nottingham and the East Midlands based on the Research Project discussed earlier. The deadline for both of these articles is April 2013.

Dr Trickett has been on the Editorial Board of the Internet Journal of Criminology for the past two years. Originally this was as Assistant Editor along with Dr Michael Sutton as Editor and more recently as the journal has grown in popularity as one of a number of Editors. The Internet Journal of Criminology is innovative in the field for several reasons including that the journal is uniquely duel open access and totally free to all and in that it encourages the publication of excellent student work in the form of book reviews and dissertations by students. It also brings cross-disciplinary synergy to the University and it is notable that many hate crime papers on the journal came out of earlier Hate Crime Conferences at NTU.

Dr Trickett is also on the Editorial Board of IARS a progressive London based Charity led by Professor Theo Gavrielides which produces quality research informed by young people on providing a fairer criminal justice system. IARS has produced a number of publications on young people and crime which includes a particular focus on Restorative Justice.

Dr Trickett is a member of a number of Working Groups on Hate Crime in Nottinghamshire including The Hate Crime Steering Group Nottingham, The Mansfield Steering Group Nottingham and The Worksop Steering Group Nottingham. She is also a member of the Hate Crime network of scholars led by Dr Nathan Hall which includes UK scholars such as Dr Neil Chakraborti and those from to overseas including Professor Barbara Perry. This Group aims to share good research which can inform policy and practice both nationally and internationally.

In recent years, Dr Trickett has given a number of conference papers for The British Criminology Conference, The European Criminology Conference and the York Deviancy Conference. She has also recently been a guest speaker on the Community Led Solutions Conference run by IARS in London where she spoke on the issue of gang violence against young women. She was also guest speaker at International Hate Crimes Day on 28 October 2011 in association with Leicestershire Police and Leicestershire City Council held at the Phoenix Arts Centre Leicester.


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    Senior lecturer, College of Business Law & Social Sciences, Nottingham Law School, Nottingham Trent University