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Archéologue, penseur et chercheur au CNRS, Université de Toulouse III – Paul Sabatier

Archeologist, cultural anthropologist, philosopher, traveller, photograph, director of the Grotte Mandrin project I directed for 30 years archeological missions from the Arctic circle to the horn of Africa.

My research focuses on the different aspects of these questions by trying to stay as close as possible to the archaeological fact, that is to say on the direct indications left by these societies at different times in their history. My fields of analysis have been developed in recent years around these themes, focusing on the one hand on the emergence of Upper Paleolithic forms in the area of ​​distribution of the first Aurignacian, and on the other beyond. of the area of ​​extension of this prehistoric culture, in the subarctic zone, in order to consider their different evolutionary trajectories and the implications of their possible interactions.


  • –present
    Permanent member, Université Toulouse – Jean Jaurès