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Lupita D. Montoya

Research Associate, Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering Department, University of Colorado Boulder

Dr. Montoya’s primary area of research is the study of indoor air quality and the health effects of aerosols (a.k.a. particulate matter). She is interested in elucidating the role that biological and physicochemical characteristics of various aerosols (e.g., metal oxide nanoparticles, wood smoke, concrete) play in the development of disease and toxicity using in vitro models. In addition, she develops novel solutions to minimize exposure to indoor pollutants like wood/coal smoke and volatile organic compounds.
Dr. Montoya conducts research that spans from the very fundamental to the fairly applied levels. Some of her work is in the spirit of Community-Based Participatory Research, which produces both scholarly contributions and meaningful benefits to the communities she works with.


  • –present
    Assistant Professor of Environmental Engineering, University of Colorado