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Professor of Structural Engineering, Queensland University of Technology

Mahen Mahendran is a Professor of Structural Engineering in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Queensland University of Technology. He and his research team have developed advanced structural, fire and wind testing facilities at QUT, including full scale testing facilities for low-rise buildings under wind loads, air-box facilities to test cladding systems, and fire testing facilities for columns, walls and floors.

Mahen's research investigates and advances knowledge in the fields of thin-walled steel structures, cyclone/storm resistant buildings and fire safety. He is well recognised nationally and internationally as reflected by many awards, invitations to present research papers, seminars and workshops. Mahen collaborates with international researchers from Germany, The Netherlands, China and Sri Lanka and has strong linkages with the Australian steel industry to enhance and apply the practical relevance of his research. These strong relationships have created an environment where industry has adopted and benefited from his research. Mahen consults widely, and presented workshops and continuing education courses in Australia & overseas to engineers and manufacturers, newspaper articles and radio and national TV interviews. His work has assisted in improving the quality of steel design education for undergraduates and engineers in Australia.