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Post-doctoral researcher, KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Program, Kenya Medical Research Institute

Makobu Kimani is a medical doctor, with post graduate training in public Health (Epidemiology and Biostatistics). Over the last eight years he has worked with populations that are at a disproportionally higher risk of acquisition of HIV/AIDS in Nairobi, Kenya. Kimani has also been a clinical safety advisor for an RCT inducing immune-quiescence in female sex workers. He has been part of a team that defined the minimal care package for services to female sex workers and MSM/MSW. This is currently being implemented by the Ministry of health in Kenya.

He is interested in mental health and its attendant contribution to risk taking behaviour in MSM that exposes them to even higher risk for HIV acquisition. He has also developed an interest for finding Acute HIV Infection (AHI) in the general population and its potential for use for both behavioural studies and HIV vaccine trials.

Since July 2021, he has been leading a COVID-19 vaccine trial in Coastal Kenya.


  • –present
    PhD candidate at the University of Amsterdam and researcher , Kenya Medical Research Institute