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Digital media experience producer and researcher, CQUniversity Australia

Dr Malcolm Burt is a digital media experience producer and amusement academic. His thesis addressed what audiences want from virtual reality entertainment experiences.

He also produces and researches traditional and disruptive media for universities and has an advertising background producing TV, commercials, documentary and multimedia projects. He has produced two broadcast television series for SBS and ABCTV, has presented his research in over 50 TV, radio and print interviews, and has delivered two TEDx talks.

His latest film is an international documentary undertaken as part of a research Masters entitled "Signature Attraction" - asking why rollercoasters exist.


  • 2013–present
    Amusement Academic, QUT


  • 2020 
    Queensland University of Technology, PhD
  • 2016 
    Queensland University of Technology, Master of Fine Arts (Research)