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Associate Professor in Marketing, Directorate for Advanced Research Computing (ARC), Durham University

Dr Mariann Hardey part of the Directorate for ARC, an academic at the University of Durham and Lecturer in Marketing for Durham University Business School. Her work is best viewed through the lens of social media and digital technology.

One of the first to occupy Facebook, before there were friends, and to tweet on Twitter before there were Followers, Mariann is made up in unequal parts with a sociologist's mind, a literary heart, and the unfolding soul of an intrepid adventurer across the borders of digital content. She writes with a degree of intensity on her acclaimed blog that has been featured at the Edinburgh Book Festival, and prefers squares to static webpages on her website

Mariann is particularly attune to research, projects and student's who like her hold an interest in technology, computing and digital.


  • –present
    Lecturer in Marketing, Durham University