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Martin Reinhardt Nielsen

Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen

My primary research interest is hunting, ranging from bushmeat hunting in developing countries to Inuit communities traditional hunting in the Arctic. My research focus on assessing the socioeconomic and cultural drivers and the ecological impacts of hunting. This in order to examining the efficiency of management approaches and their implications for hunters’ livelihoods and traditional cultures and to assist in developing targeted mitigation policies.

Recent projects include: evaluating the outcome of Joint Forest Management in Tanzania in relation to the policy objectives conservation, improves local livelihoods and promotion of good governance using bushmeat hunting as an indicator; investigating the production and communication of information in locally-based monitoring initiatives in relation to the local political reality and stakeholders strategic interests; and assessing the ecological justification and cultural implications of narwhal hunting management regulations in Greenland.

Current projects include examining the relations between poverty, shocks and forest use in the Democratic Republic of Congo and building knowledge for regulating illegal bushmeat markets in Tanzania.


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    Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen