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Associate Professor, Department of Geography, University of Nottingham

Matt is a fluvial geomorphologist with an interest in how aquatic organisms occupy, utilise and modify environments. He is currently working on projects focused on:

- The ability of animals to alter physical processes, such as sediment transport, in rivers;
- The sensitivity of river reaches to temperature change, with implications for the growth and development of aquatic animals, and;
- Identifying and quantifying the physical processes that partially control the distribution and activity of animals in rivers.

Matt has expertise in the use of large laboratory flumes and has written European guidelines for the use of living organisms in hydraulic facilities. Matt's research also involves substantial field-based research, in addition to statistical and landscape modelling, and he currently maintains water temperature networks in the Peak District, Exmoor National Park and tributaries of the River Welland, UK. Matt also collated and now maintains an online database of published work on aquatic invertebrate-environment interactions as part of the EC-funded HYDRALAB IV project. He also sits on the technical advisory panel of the national climate adaptation program, Keeping Rivers Cool.