Lecturer in Biomechanics, University of Essex

Dr Taylor's research interests fit broadly into 3 main areas; Gait, Falls, and Sports Biomechanics.

His gait research is focused towards functional gait and in particular turning gait in both able-bodied and pathological populations (in collaboration with Dr Strike at Roehampton University).

In Falls research he is currently collaborating with colleagues from the University of Essex (Dr Griffin) and Colchester Hospital University Foundation Trust (Care of the Elderly) in developing the use of the Nintendo Wii in falls prevention training programmes.

In sports biomechanics (in collaboration with Prof Beneke at Philipps - Universitat Marburg) he is investigating the sprinting phenomenon Usain Bolt. Further to this research students are currently investigating cutting manoeuvres in team sports, the effect of instability shoes on gait (walking and running) and the effect of attentional demands on dynamic balance.


  • 2008–present
    Biomechanics Lecturer, University of Essex, UK


  • 2006 
    Roehampton University/University of Surrey, PhD

Research Areas

  • Human Movement And Sports Science (1106)
  • Biomechanics (110601)
  • Human Movement And Sports Science Not Elsewhere Classified (110699)