Mike Puleston

Spent 40 years in education, mainly as a teacher and teacher-teacher. You know - "those who can do, those who can't teach, those who can't teach teach teachers". (Whoever said that has never successfully managed a class of 30+ rampaging Year Nines!). Mainly to do with the English language - secondary mainstream, ESL, adult literacy, business English, creative writing etc. Have also taught German and French for 3 years to unwilling students in a London "sink school". Have worked in high schools, TAFEs, universities, private establishments etc in Australia, UK, Denmark, Germany, Brunei, Vietnam. Have travelled a lot, within Australia and out of it. Love it. I've had a varied, enjoyable career. In my retirement I am a political activist and prolific writer of ratbag letters to editors. Knock out the odd (sometimes very odd) short story, poem or song, and am now writing The Great Australian Novel, though I suspect that has already been done. Not a bad darts player, and drinker of the wonderful range of craft beers now available.

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