PhD Candidate, Department of Cognitive Science, Macquarie University

My academic interests fall at the confluence of non-Cartesian cognitive science, philosophy of mind,developmental neuroscience, philosophy of biology, cognitive psychology, and philosophy of perception

My research is concerned with so-called second wave extended mind theories, which I defend based on empirical evidence drawn from developmental neuroscience and ontogenetic niche construction in evolutionary biology. I am also interested in perception, human sensory modalities, and have published a number of papers on sensory substitution, echolocation, and synaesthesia. More recently, I suggested a revision of the neuroconstructivist framework in developmental neuroscience and formulated a critique of Marcus' neo-nativism (forthcoming in The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science). I find Andy Clark oddly compelling :)

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    PhD Candidate, Department of Cognitive Science , Macquarie University


    University of Amsterdam, MSc by Research - Logic and Philosophy of Science
    University of Edinburgh, MPhil Philosophy of Mind