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Ned Rightor

Ned Rightor is president of New Economy Dynamics LLC, a research and consulting firm focused on workforce development and economic development projects throughout the northeastern USA. For over 30 years, he has been an executive recruiter and consultant (14 of them as a founding member of Isaacson Miller, New England’s largest diversified executive search firm) as well as a researcher and writer, delving into a wide variety of business, nonprofit and government enterprises and their cultures.

In collaboration with Professor Susan Christopherson and other Cornell University researchers, he has worked on a series of regional planning studies targeting emerging industries in Upstate New York, and industry studies of the photonics cluster in Rochester, the new media workforce in New York City, and the film, television and commercial production industry nationally. Since 2010, they have been conducting a series of multi-state studies on the social and economic consequences of shale oil and gas development.

Together with Professor Christopherson, he is co-authoring a book on the history, drivers, and implications of tax-supported entertainment media production.

Mr. Rightor holds an M.Div. from Andover Newton Theological School, is ordained in the United Church of Christ, and was an undergraduate history major. He is particularly interested in how values shape corporate decision-making and the career aspirations of individuals.

He believes that “public policy” is how we determine for ourselves what will happen to us as a people, rather than have our fates determined for us by corporate, market, or geopolitical forces.

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