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Principal Lecturer, School of Applied Social Science, University of Brighton

Nichola Khan, Principal Lecturer at the University of Brighton, conducts research in anthropology on violence and migration, with an emphasis on people across Afghan diasporas, and ethnic communities in Pakistan.

Her books include "Mohajir Militancy in Pakistan" (2010, London and New York, Routledge, paperback 2012), and "Mental Disorder: Anthropological Insights" (2017, forthcoming, University of Toronto Press). Her edited volume "Cityscapes of Violence in Karachi" is forthcoming in 2016 with Hurst and Co. (London), and in 2017 with OUP (New York).


  • 2008–present
    Principal Lecturer, University of Brighton


  • 2008 
    University of Sussex, DPhil Social Anthropology


  • 2017
    Mental Disorder. Anthropological Insights, Toronto: University of Toronto Press.
  • 2016
    Immobility, Keywords of Mobility: Critical Anthropological Engagements”. N. Salazar and K. Jayaram, eds, World in Motion Series. New York, Oxford: Berghahn, Chapter Five, 93-112.
  • 2016
    Citysapes of Violence in Karachi: Publics and Counter-Publics., London: Hurst & Co., and 2017, New York: Oxford University Press.
  • 2016
    BAILY, JOHN. War, exile and the music of Afghanistan: the ethnographer's tale. xiii, 231 pp., illus., fig., bibliogr., DVD. Farnham, Surrey: Ashgate, 2015. £60.00 (cloth).” Book Review. , Book Review. Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute, 22 (2): 213-214.
  • 2016
    1994. Political Madness, Ethics, and Story-making in Liaquatabad district in Karachi., “Cityscapes of Violence. Publics and Counter-Publics of Violence in Karachi, ed.”. London: Hurst & Co., with Oxford University Press (New York).
  • 2014
    The taste of freedom: commensality, liminality and return amongst Afghan transnational migrants in the UK and Pakistan. , Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute, 20 (3): 466-485.
  • 2013
    A moving heart: querying a singular problem of “immobility” in Afghan migration to the UK., Medical Anthropology: Cross-Cultural Studies in Health and Illness 32(6): 518-534.
  • 2013
    From refugees to the world stage: sport, civilisation and modernity in Out of the Ashes and a UK Afghan diaspora. , South Asian Popular Culture. Special issue, sport and diaspora, 11(3): 271-285.
  • 2012
    Between spectacle and banality: trajectories into Islamic radicalism in a Karachi neighbourhood’, International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 36 (3): 568-84
  • 2011
    Are Europe’s migrants not a potential resource? Response to Bassam Tibi. , Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism, 11 ( 2): 324-328. Review Essay.
  • 2010
    Violence, anti-/convention and desires for transformation amongst Pakistan's Mohajirs in Karachi., Cultural Dynamics, 22 (3) : 225-246.
  • 2010
    Mohajir Militancy in Pakistan., London and New York: Rutledge

Grants and Contracts

  • 2003
    Doctoral Studentship
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Professional Memberships

  • Chartered Psychologist, British Psychological Society
  • Fellow, Royal Anthropological Institute
  • Hon. Obituaries Editor. Royal Anthropological Institute