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Nick Moony

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My main interests are politics, history, current affairs, bridge, cooking, music,traveling, fishing, the Bronze Age & gardening. I have worked for the last 50 years in the mining industry as a metallurgist. I have worked on project development and general consulting for the last twenty nine years . I have worked on projects for over 50 companies in Australia and overseas. I have a little experience from having worked in all states of Australia and internationally with assignments in China, New Zealand, Canada, Bolivia, United States, Venezuela, Kazakhstan, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Ecuador, PNG, Indonesia and North Korea. My particular expertise is in the areas of zinc, copper, silver, gold, tungsten, tin, tantalum, graphite, silica, and other industrial mineral extraction & recovery. At the moment I am working on sorting out some metasomatic rocks on the steppe of central Asia. This. is keeping me so busy that I have less time to argue on The Conversation.