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Reader in Philosophy, University of Birmingham

I am Reader (and Head of Research) in the School of Philosophy, Theology and Religion at the University of Birmingham.

My research areas include metaphysics, philosophy of religion, and philosophy of science. I've just finished a book on the philosophy of time travel, arguing that whilst time travel may be logically possible, even were it physically possible we should never, ever expect to see time travel take place. In it, I sketch the strange and bizarre ramifications of this view.

I have previously written papers/books on: supersubstantivalism (the view that objects are actually regions of spacetime); ontology (questions about what things exist e.g. are there numbers, properties, or events?); the Trinity in Christianity; and philosophy of epidemiology (discussing what to do when you discover multiple studies have been conducted).

My next two projects are: (i) Counterfactual scepticism (are most statements of the form 'If I X'd then Y would happen' false because when you X there's at least a *chance* that Y doesn't happen?); and (ii) a book on the philosophy of time defending the 'tensed' view of time whereby there's something 'special' about the present moment.


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    Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, University of Birmingham