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Nurhastuty K. Wardhani

Faculty Member, Trisakti University

I give the presentation with respect to my research in Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Australia. My research interests are Islamic Finance, Banking, and Good Corporate Governance. Currently, I am a board member at the Institute of Halal Investing, Oregon, United States, and a Ph.D. graduate in Finance at the University of Queensland. I passed my final thesis review after doing a Ph.D. at the University of Queensland for 2 years and eight months in March 2020.


  • 2014–present
    Chairman , INSPIRE Islamic Finance
  • 2019–present
    Senior research associate, Asian Scenarios
  • 2017–present
    Board Member , Institute of Halal Investing
  • 2014–present
    Junior Lecturer, Trisakti University
  • 2019–2020
    Tutorial Fellow, University of Queensland


  • 2017 
    PhD Student, University of Queensland
  • 2015 
    PhD Student, Queensland University of Technology
  • 2013 
    INCEIF , Master of Science in Islamic Finance


  • 2018
    Market Discipline and Banking Crises in Russia: A Reverse Engineered Pitch, Journal of Accounting and Management Information System
  • 2015
    Outsourcing The Islamic Way: A Look Into The Challenges Faced By Financial Institutions, Journal of Islamic Economics, Banking, and Finance
  • 2015
    The Contribution of Islamic Banking to Indonesia’s Economic Growth: The Evidence from the Vector Error Correction and Variance Decomposition Methods, Management and Business Administration

Grants and Contracts

  • 2015
    LPDP (Ministry of Finance of Republic of Indonesia)
    Funding Source:
    Ministry of Finance
  • 2011
    Beasiswa Unggulan (Ministry of Education Republic of Indonesia)
    Funding Source:
    Ministry of Education

Professional Memberships

  • Institute of Chartered Accountants in Indonesia