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Professor of Pediatrics and Radiology, Wayne State University

Dr. Muzik is a medical physicist who was recruited from the University of Michigan in 1993 to assume the role of a senior physicist in the newly opened Children's Hospital of Michigan PET Center. Since then he established himself as an expert in the kinetic analysis of PET data as well as through his work in the development of image analysis software for integrative analysis of pediatric imaging data. Dr. Muzik is also in charge of the microPET/CT core facility at the WSU Medical School.

Dr. Muzik's research interests include the quantitative analysis of oxidative metabolism in Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT) with the objective to establish the relationship between BAT thermogenesis and uptake of FDG, a widely used (but indirect) measure of brown fat metabolism. In addition, Dr. Muzik's research includes the development of methods that allow quantitative integration of multimodality neuroimaging data obtained from PET, MR, fMRI and DTI modalities with special focus on the quantitative assessment of fiber tract connectivity between PET and ECoG-abnormal brain regions in children with epilepsy.


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    Professor of Pediatrics and Radiology, Wayne State University