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Ozren Bogdanovic

Lab Head-Developmental Epigenomics and Senior Research Fellow, Garvan Institute

Ozren Bogdanovic obtained his PhD from Radboud University (Nijmegen, the Netherlands), where he worked on DNA methylation and methyl CpG-binding proteins during early embryogenesis in the lab of Gert Jan Veenstra.

Ozren then moved to the Andalusian Centre for Developmental Biology (CABD, Seville - Spain) to work with Jose Luis Gomez-Skarmeta and Juan Ramon Martinez-Morales on various aspects of embryonic gene regulation. There he led a number of developmental genetics projects and participated in the adaptation of next-generation sequencing technologies to vertebrate embryonic material.

In 2013 Ozren started his postdoctoral studies at the University of Western Australia in the laboratory of Ryan Lister where he conducted research in the field of developmental and evolutionary epigenomics. His work at UWA includes the discovery of a highly conserved epigenome remodeling event associated with vertebrate body plan formation. Ozren joined the Garvan Institute of Medical Research as a Lab Head in February 2017. At the Garvan Ozren is applying integrative approaches to study the contribution of the epigenome to vertebrate embryogenesis and cancer formation.


  • –present
    Research Fellow in epigenomics, University of Western Australia