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Senior Research Fellow, Monash University

Paul Burton is a surgeon who specialises in surgery of the oesophagus and stomach, particularly using minimally invasive techniques. He is also a senior research fellow in the Centre for Obesity Research and Education, Monash Univeristy, Paul's research overlaps his clinical surgical practice and addresses questions relating to optimising bariatric (weight loss) surgery, how it works and the challenges it presents. His other area of research relates to the health effects of surgically induced weight loss on different disease states, such as type 2 diabetes.


  • 2010 
    Monash University, PhD

Research Areas

  • Surgery (110323)
  • Nutritional Physiology (111103)
  • Food Nutritional Balance (090803)
  • Public Nutrition Intervention (111104)
  • Cancer Therapy (Excl. Chemotherapy And Radiation Therapy) (111204)
  • Cancer Diagnosis (111202)
  • Gastroenterology And Hepatology (110307)