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integral operating system

Any information scanned needs context.

Context includes the value system of the writer, group or groups and the culture or the worldview written from.
Without understanding context, the value of any data remains unexplored. Hard critical thinking [HCT] includes context and following the principle of falsifiability. Due diligence requires HCT used with interior honesty as biases are often seen from different altitudes as good - bad or indifferent and even neutral. Awareness and application the outcome in study.

There is also the context issue of publication biases in science promoted as public policy, from corporations and their partners. It is important to consider the influence of their consultant lobbyists with public relations agencies also specializing in encouraging publication biases. So scanning groups using HCT in parallel with our life experience helps identify personal and group motives.

The feminine and masculine altitude; "The important point is that whenever you use IOS, you are automatically checking any situation—in yourself, in others, in an organization, in a culture—and making sure that you include both the masculine and feminine types so as to be as comprehensive and inclusive as possible. If you believe that there are no major differences between masculine and feminine—or if you are suspicious of such differences—then that is fine, too, and you can treat them the same if you want. We are simply saying that, in either case, make sure you touch bases with both the masculine and feminine, however you view them." Ken Wilber

My value system is best understood using Spiral Dynamics.
SDi value system - SDi turquoise - spiralling on certain triggers, like every human on the planet.

Other recognised human development level theories on personal, group values or culture can be used for comparison and understanding*.

Spiral Dynamics most widely read lecturers are;
Dr.Clare Graves,
Don Beck,
Ken Wilber

*Dr. Clare Graves Spiral Dynamics compared to other theories;

AQAL | IOS Integral Operating System.
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