Professor of Public Health, University of Sydney

I work in the field that tries to strengthen the theory and logic of preventive intervention design and expand the ways we understand and measure the effects.

You see, many things can be done at a population level to improve health. Like control of tobacco and alcohol pricing and sales. Or improving the quality of the physical environment (green space, opportunities for physical activity and social interaction). Or programs and policies in schools to prevent bullying and promote social Inclusion. The trouble is that many things done in the name of disease prevention and health promotion are not immediately effective. So we need to work out ways to boost effects and make sure effective programs or policies reach the people who need them most. When a lot of money is spent and not much happens as result- that is often when I get brought in. How do we rethink this?

Academically my interests are complexity, systems thinking, network analysis and science communication.


  • –present
    Professor of Public Health, University of Sydney


  • 1997 
    University of Melbourne, PhD


Fellow of the Faculty of Public Health (UK)

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