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Peter Manshausen

PhD Candidate in Atmospheric Physics, University of Oxford

I am a PhD student with a background in physics and applied mathematics. I am also fascinated by simulations and environmental science. In my PhD I study machine learning and aerosol-cloud interactions. I am particularly interested in so-called opportunistic experiments, which help to untangle the causes and effects of aerosol measures, cloud properties, and meteorological conditions. These opportunistic experiments are localised emissions of aerosol into an otherwise clean environment, such as ships travelling the oceans, volcanoes erupting, or industrial sites producing air pollution far from cities.

In the past, I have worked on learning the time-evolution of dynamical systems with autoencoder-like neural networks as well as on simulating cooperation in multi-agent networks using evolutionary game theory.


  • –present
    PhD student in Atmospheric Physics, University of Oxford


  • 2020 
    University of Cambridge, Master of Advanced Studies in Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics