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Research Fellow in Organisational Improvement, University of Birmingham

Rachel joined the Business School in 2013 following the completion of her PhD at the School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Science at the University. Rachel is currently working on the Midlands Excellence Organisational Improvement Programme as a Research Fellow and Project Coordinator.

Rachel has a cross-disciplinary background in physical and human geography from her time at the University of Birmingham and retains a keen interest in climate change, energy and environmental risk management.

Rachel has research interests in the firm, competitiveness and the regional economy. Current work is focused on understanding the spatial and contractual structure of supply chains, business adjustment and risk management.

A second focus is on industrial energy use and management within supply chains. Rachel is also interested in the political-economy of energy as a commodity and its role in climate change mitigation strategies.


Climate Knowledge and Innovation Community (Climate-KIC), European Institute of Innovation and Technology (2013)

The project aims to develop cross-community knowledge on mitigation and adjustment to climate change in Europe. Industrial placements in two European regions will be undertaken with leading businesses to develop supply chain management strategies for industrial energy price risk.
Start2Finish Research Group, University of Birmingham (2010-ongoing)

Rachel has co-founded and managed a methodological training group for early career researchers and research students, Start2Finish. The research group has organised several workshops and sessions at international conferences, as well as an interactive website with a working paper series.