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Rama Shankar Singh

Professor of Biology, McMaster University

Rama Singh obtained his Masters Degree in Genetics and plant Breeding from Kanpur University, India (1967) and his Ph.D. in Genetics from University of California at Davis (1972). After a year of post-doctoral training at the University of Chicago (1972-73) and two years at Harvard (1973-75) he joined the Department of Biology at McMaster University in 1975 as an Assistant Professor where he is currently serving as a Full Professor.

Rama Singh's research interest lies in the population genetics and evolution of sex and reproduction related genes and their role in rapid evolution, sexual dimorphism, and speciation. He has developed a theory of male sex drive (or male driven evolution) that complements Darwin's female choice theory of sexual selection and that especially applies to humans by way of male driven sexual selection and human evolution including the evolution of sexual dimorphism in disease and health such as the evolution of mate preference, maternal mortality, menopause, and male-biased mental disorders.

Rama Singh's current interest lies in the evolution of biological diversity as it relates to race, caste, class, religion, sex and gender. He has taught a course in humman diversity and huiman nature for 40 years and he writes on various social issues in the general area of the biological basis of human freeddom. He is a feminist by choice and is involved in launching an international campaign to stop violence against women.


  • –present
    Professor of evolutionary Biology, McMaster University


  • 1972 
    University of California at Davis, Ph.D.


Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of of Science