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Richard Greissman

Having served as a teacher and educational administrator for 40 years, including thirty years at the University of Kentucky, Rich retired in 2014 to pursue his passion for architectural and landscape photography. The architecture of downtown Lexington (Kentucky), and the countryside of the Bluegrass Region that surrounds his adopted home, have been hallmarks of his photographic portfolio.

Reluctant to give up his work in the classroom, Rich readily agreed when asked to join the faculty of the Fine Arts Institute, the continuing education unit within the School of Art and Visual Studies at the University of Kentucky. He taught beginning and intermediate-level classes in Adobe Lightroom and offered numerous field workshops on topics in architectural photography.

In August of 2018, Rich and his wife moved from Lexington to Auckland, New Zealand. Rich is fascinated with the physical and human geographies of New Zealand and plans to make New Zealand imagery the centrepiece of his expanded portfolio.

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