PhD Candidate, Health, University of Bath

I have just finished a PhD in the Department for Health at the University of Bath. My PhD research aimed to understand how simply changing the timing of our meals in relation to when we exercise (i.e. whether we exercise before or after eating breakfast) can alter the health benefits gained from exercise training. My research may help to explain why some people don’t always receive the expected health benefits from doing exercise and could also inform future exercise recommendations.

I graduated from the University of Bath in 2015 with a first class honours in Sport and Exercise Science (BSc), winning the David Wilkinson prize for physiology. I then stayed in Bath to start a PhD in the Department for Health, which I have recently completed. Aside from my PhD, I teach on the Sport and Exercise Science course at the University of Bath and I enjoy writing articles to help disseminate my research to the general public.


  • 2015–2019
    PhD Student, University of Bath
  • 2012–2013
    Junior Exercise Physiologist, Peak Centre for Human Performance, Ottawa