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Associate professor, Head of Centre for Evidence and Implementation, Parenting Research Centre

Robyn Mildon, PhD, is a Director at the Parenting Research Centre (PRC). The PRC is Australia’s only national, independent, non-profit research, development, evaluation and implementation specialist agency. She leads a division that specialises in the implementation, mainstreaming, and scaling of evidence to achieve social impact for children and families in a range of human service areas (child welfare, parenting, family support).

Robyn has extensive experience working with govt/non-govt agencies to refine outcomes (system, organisation, practice levels), develop program logics, support program/practice development, conduct service reviews and evaluations. She works with multiple stakeholders to help achieve effective implementation of empirically supported approaches to working with families and incorporate data to support data-based and outcome-focused decision making. Robyn is also Director for a number of govt funded national projects which focus on improving the well-being of children and families with multiple and complex needs.

Robyn has authored/co-authored a number of peer-reviewed publications, commissioned reports and research monographs, and book chapters and have presented at several national and international conferences including invited keynote presentations and invited training and other technical assistance.

Robyn was the Co-Chair of Scientific Prog Com for the 1st Biennial Australian Implementation Conference (AIC), October 2012, and is currently the Chair of the 2nd Biennial AIC to be held in September 2014. Robyn is a member of the Impl Practice Group Com for the 1st Biennial Global Implementation Conference (GIC) (August 2012) and 2nd Biennial GIC, Washington DC, August 2014. I am also the new Co-Chair of the Knowledge Translation and Implementation Group with the Campbell Collaboration, an international systematic review group that is the social science sister organisation of the Cochrane Collaboration.