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Emeritus professor of biology, UCL

Roger S Wotton is emeritus professor of biology at UCL and writes the "Natural History, Creation and Religious Conflicts" blog (

He is interested in the biology of organic matter in water bodies. For many years he was fascinated by the biology of larval blackflies (Simuliidae), especially those found in high population densities at lake outlets. This led to a wider interest in suspension feeding and the transformation of organic matter by macro- and micro-organisms.

He has taught courses in animal form and function and in aquatic biology, and contributed some lectures on other courses. Current projects centre on the transport and fate of faecal matter in streams and rivers.

In addition, Roger promotes the integration of freshwater biology, marine biology and oceanography into a unified whole. To further this, he wrote the web-book "Life in Water" which uses live web links to provide illustrations and further information.

He also devised and edited a book entitled "The Biology of Particles in Aquatic Systems" published in two editions by CRC Press. Roger was awarded a DSc in 2008.

In addition, he gives talks on subjects ranging from the biology of chalk streams, to nineteenth-century natural historians, to art history.


  • 2002–2012
    Professor, UCL


DSc (Reading); 2 UCL Faculty Teaching Prizes; UCL Provost's Teaching Award