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Associate professor, Curtin University

Ruhul Salim, an A/Professor of Economics at Curtin Business School (CBS), Curtin University received his PhD from the Australian National University (ANU) in 1998. Since then he has been involved in research and teaching in several international universities in three countries (Bangladesh, Oman and Australia). His broad field of research is Applied Economics. His research is mainly econometrics based applied works with a clear focus of policy suggestions. His works has been extensively published in the international refereed top ranking professional journals, including Journal of Industrial Economics, Energy Economics, Economic Modelling, Journal of Development Studies, Applied Economics, Energy Policy, Economic Record, Journal of Policy Modelling, Oxford development Studies, World Development, Journal of Agricultural Economics, Environmental Management and Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics. Ruhul delivered a number of invited speeches in various forums, including Workshop on ‘Oil Price Volatility: Causes, Effects, and Policy Implications” organized by the Council on Foreign Relations, New York, USA in May 2016 and an workshop on Urbanization and Infrastructure in Asia organized by the Asian Development Bank Institute, Tokyo, Japan in June 2016. He was Deputy to the Dean of Research & Development at CBS in 2011, and Chairperson of the Post-graduate Studies of the School of Economics & Finance for 5 years till November 2012.