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Speech pathologist, Voice specialist, Researcher, Federation University Australia


Recent Publications

Sandra Rojas, Benjamin G. Schultz, Miya St John, Elaina Kefalianos, and Adam P. Vogel, 2021 “A Cross-sectional study of perceptual and acoustic voice characteristics in healthy aging”, Journal of Voice

Benjamin G. Schultz, Venkata S. Aditya Tarigoppula, Gustavo Noffs, Sandra Rojas, Anneke van der Walt, David B. Grayden, Adam P. Vogel, 2021 “Automatic Speech Recognition in Neurodegenerative Disease”, International Journal of Speech Technology,

Rojas, S., Kefalianos, E., Vogel, A., 2020 “How Does Our Voice Change as We Age? A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Acoustic and Perceptual Voice Data from Healthy Adults Over 50 Years of Age”, JSLHR,

Adam P. Vogel, PhD, Michelle Magee, PhD, Reidenis Torres-Vega, MSc, Jacqueline Medrano-Montero, PhD, Melissa P. Cyngler, MSc, Megan Kruse, MSc, Sandra Rojas, MSc, Sebastian Contreras Cubillos, MSc, Tamara Canento, MD, Fernanda Maldonado, BSc, Yaimee Vazquez-Mojena, BSc, Winfried Ilg, PhD, Roberto Rodrıguez-Labrada, PhD, Luis Velazquez-Perez, MD, DSc,* and Matthis Synofzik, MD*, 2020“Features of speech and swallowing dysfunction in pre-ataxic spinocerebellar ataxia type 2”

Michelle Magee, Courtney Lewis, Gustavo Noffs, Hannah Reece, Jess C. S. Chan, Charissa J. Zaga, Camille Paynter, Olga Birchall, Sandra Rojas Azocar, Angela Ediriweera, Marja W. Caverlé, Benjamin G. Schultz, Adam P. Vogel, 2020 “Effects of face masks on acoustic analysis and speech perception: Implications for peri-pandemic protocols”

Portillo MP, Rojas S, Guzman M, Quezada C., 2017 “Comparison of Effects Produced by Physiological Versus Traditional Vocal Warm-up in Contemporary Commercial Music Singers”


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    Speech pathologist and Lecturer in Voice Disorders, Department of Speech Pathology, Orthopedics & Audiology, La Trobe University