‎PhD Candidate in Accounting, University of Sheffield

My research interest is in the area of Sustainability Accounting and Accountability with the goal of developing a sub-area of this which I call Agroecology Accounting. The goal is to measure and incorporate elements of Social and Environmental Justice into the traditional Accounting system of an organization. My focus is on the relationship between Livelihoods and Biodiversity and the key role that Ecology plays in Sustainable Livelihoods.

My current research looks at Governance and Accountability within Eco-labeling and asks, Is Eco-labeling considered helpful at the level of the small and marginal farmer? or Does labeling simply mean promoting legitimacy, among Stakeholders and the broader Civil Society. There is a need for auditing of claims, and I attempt to focus my audit on Fair Trade and Organic certification. This research also delves into the role of co-operatives as a more sustainable form of business organization for incorporating environmental justice and social justice as priorities for a business along with the financial bottom line.

My recent experience consisted of working with small business owners around the Central Coast of California to help them improve their business through the use of business planning.

I also enjoy teaching at the College of Business at California State University, Monterey Bay where I initiated the Bharat Abroad program in 2007 taking students to India for Service Learning. I have since expanded this program as of 2009 to Costa Rica and as of 2011 to Nicaragua.


  • 2012–present
    PhD Candidate in Accounting, University of Essex
  • 2006–present
    Lecturer, California State University, Monterey Bay


  • 2012 
    University of Essex, Masters of Research in Accounting with Merit
  • 1999 
    Missouri State University, MBA
  • 1996 
    Osmania University, Bachelor of Engineering,Mechanical with distinction