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Sarah McColl-Gausden

Future Fire Risk Analyst, The University of Melbourne

Sarah McColl-Gausden is a fire scientist who works as a Future Fire Risk Analyst at the School of Ecosystem & Forest Sciences at The University of Melbourne. She has a background in fire ecology, simulation modelling, and fire behaviour analysis. Sarah holds a PhD in fire science, specifically the prediction of future fire regimes under a changing climate and the implications for biodiversity.


  • 2022–2022
    Future fire risk analyst, The University of Melbourne


  • 2022 
    The University of Melbourne, PhD
  • 2017 
    The University of Melbourne, Masters of Science (Ecosystem Science)
  • 2015 
    The University of Melbourne, Bachelor of Science


  • 2022
    Future fire regimes increase risks to obligate-seeder forests, Diversity and Distributions
  • 2021
    Climatic and edaphic gradients predict variation in wildland fuel hazard in south‐eastern Australia, Ecography
  • 2019
    Pathways of change: Predicting the effects of fire on flammability, Journal of Environmental Management
  • 2017
    Visual assessment of surface fuel loads does not align with destructively sampled surface fuels, Forests