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Adjunct Faculty, Sociology, Texas Tech University

(she/her) Dr. Verma is a Fulbright scholar, published author, and a researcher-activist with fifteen years of experience working on racialized immigrant rights issues in a global context. Her areas of specialization include critical immigration studies, transnational migration theory, and labor rights from an intersectional lense. Much of her passion and energy are invested into excavating the surveillance/policing infrastructure and its impact upon migrant rights, broader communities of color, and the establishment of a settler colonial state. Her time is shared between scholarly productions and building community efforts for empowerment through creative expression. Her works include two forthcoming books Captive Labor and Schooling Exclusion, as well as a third project on state surveillance technologies funded by the Fulbright Global Fellowship. Her work has been published in countless refereed scholarly journals, circulated in media outlets, invited talks at global labor summits, Ivy League universities, as well as cited in an ACLU case. Raised across the landscape of India, Canada, and the U.S. she identifies within multiple cultural homes. Through her contributions, Dr. Verma strives to bridge the gap between scholarly production and community activism by bringing a blend of whimsy and play to visionary politics.


  • 2021–2021
    Affiliated Faculty, Texas Tech University
  • 2020–2021
    Executive Director, Inqlab Consultancy
  • 2014–2019
    Assistant Professor, Rutgers University


Fulbright Scholar