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Sebastian Apesteguia

Researcher in AZARA Foundation and Professor, Herpetology and Paleontology, CAECE University

I am a vertebrate paleontologist specialized in anatomy and systematics of Cretaceous reptiles, especially sphenodontians but also lizards, limbed-snakes, terrestrial crocodiles and dinosaurs. I discovered 13 new fossil localities and 30 new species of fossil vertebrates. I do my research in the AZARA Foundation (Maimonides UNiversity, Argentina), and teach Herpetology and Paleontology at CAECE University (Argentina). My main goal is the discovery of a new fossil locality, La Buitrera, which provided along 20 years incredible small to mid-sized tridimensional skeletons of brand new species like Buitreraptor, Alnashetri, Najash and Priosphenodon. I have published about 70 peer reviewed papers, 1 book, 4 popularization books for children.


In 2021 the dinosaur Ninjatitan recognized his contribution to dinosaur discovery in Argentina, after the nickname "Ninja"