Assistant Professor, Software, Design, Social Activism, University of Manchester

Shahla Ghobadi is a management scholar. She holds a PhD in Information and is an Assistant Professor and the Course Leader for BSc Digital Business Technology and Business Dynamics at Manchester Business School.

She has received research grants and awards from the British Academy (2017), Australian Government (2014), and Australian School of Business (2008-2011). She received Social Responsibility Award in Curriculum at the Faculty of Humanities, University of Manchester in 2016, followed by a Making a Difference Commended award at the university level in 2017. Prior to joining academia, she spent several years working in automobile and software industries.

Shahla specialises in utilising in-depth, inductive field studies to reveal novel, hidden, and nuanced processes in her research inquiries. She examines how organisations take advantage of knowledge assets to create innovative products and foster social change. She also explores how social activist organisations leverage new media in creative ways to motivate powerful organisations to collaborate with them and pursue enduring social change.
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  • 2015–2016
    Assistant Professor, University of Manchester