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Associate Professor of Sociology, Macquarie University

Shaun's current research investigates the distributional and ideological conflicts that are reshaping the politics of liberal welfare states.

There are three projects.

The first focuses on union and political campaigns to increase minimum wages across the liberal welfare states. He argues that welfare retrenchment and labour market deregulation has created a new political and policy coalition for predistribution, mainly in the form of living wages. Shaun is also interested in prospects for the political project of full employment as opposed to advancing the basic income project, which tends to accept the decline and further fragmentation of work as inevitable.

The arguments have been presented in a recent article in Social Policy & Administration and will be developed further in a new book called Living Wages with Policy Press, UK in 2019.

The second project with Prof Markus Hadler is the publication of Australian Social Attitudes IV, which focuses on the theme of insecurity and will be available through Sydney University Press in late 2017. In this volume, Shaun has contributed a new analysis of trends in public opinion towards immigration and asylum seekers and relates these trends to the opportunities for right-wing populism in Australia.

A third project involves a renewed consideration of the causes and consequences of very low trust in polarised democracies.