Lecturer in Geomorphology and Geomatics, University of Birmingham

Simon is a fluvial geomorphology & hydrology researcher with broad interests in Anthropocene geomorphology - landforms resulting from interactions between human activities and natural processes.

Simon’s principle research interest is at the interdisciplinary boundary between fluvial geomorphology, hydrology & social science. This approach examines the social and political drivers of anthropogenic activities which create, destroy or remake landscapes, and the natural forces which in turn further reshape these landscapes; a hybrid Anthropocene geomorphology. More specifically his research focuses on:

- The design, implications and success of landscape restoration.
- River management
- Natural Flood Management
- Geomorphological processes in cities (e.g. sinkholes, building collapse)
- The geomorphology and sedimentology of microplastics


  • 2018–present
    Lecturer, University of Birmingham