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Simon Sosvilla-Rivero

Simon Sosvilla-Rivero has a B.A. in Economics from Universidad de La Laguna (1984), an MSc. in Economics from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (1986), an MSc. in Economics from London Scholl of Economics (1987) and a Ph. D. in Economics from University of Birmingham (1990). He has been an associate researcher at the General Directorate of Planning and at the Institute for Fiscal Studies, both agencies of the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Finance, as well as Senior Researcher and Deputy Executive Director of the Foundation for Applied Economics Studies (FEDEA). He is currently a Professor of Economic Analysis at Universidad Complutense de Madrid, a Senior Research Fellow at the Complutense Institute for Economic Analysis (ICAE) and a Research Fellow at the Riskcenter (IREA-Universitat de Barcelona). He is a member of the editorial team for SN Business & Economics, Journal of Risk and Financial Management and Cuadernos de Economía-Spanish Journal of Economics and Finance. His research interests include time series analysis, macro-econometric modelling, international finance and European integration