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Søren Thorgaard Skou (PT, MSc, PhD) has vast experience within the field of osteoarthritis and other chronic conditions and has been the principal investigator of several high-quality randomized controlled trials on surgical and non-surgical treatment, one of which was published in The New England Journal of Medicine, the highest ranked of all general medical journals.

Currently, he is the principal investigator of a randomized, controlled trial of meniscal surgery vs. exercise therapy and education for young people with a meniscal tear (DREAM) and a 5-year EU-funded project (MOBILIZE, grant agreement No 801790) with the overall aim of improving health in people with more than one chronic condition (i.e. multimorbidity) through personalized exercise therapy and education.

Furthermore, he is the co-lead of Exercise First, a research program funded by Region Zealand aimed at developing, testing and implementing initaitives that support that the individual patient received the right prevention and treatment at the right time and to increase self-management using e-health.

He is one of the main architects and leader of the implementation of the highly successful treatment program Good Life With osteoArthritis in Denmark (GLA:D) for patients with knee and hip osteoarthritis.

Furthermore, he is a recipient of a prestigious ERC Starting Grant from the European Research Council, and a postdoc grant and a Sapere Aude Research Talent Award from the Independent Research Fund Denmark.


  • 2016–present
    Head of research, Næstved, Slagelse, Ringsted Hospitals
  • 2019–present
    Professor, University of Southern Denmark