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Stéphan Chevalier

Professeur en biochimie à la faculté de pharmacie, Inserm, Université de Tours

Stéphan Chevalier is a full Professor in charge of the biochemistry department and the Associate Dean for Research at the Faculty of Pharmacy of Tours in the Loire Valley since 2009. He is the Director of INSERM research laboratory UMR1069 “Nutrition, Growth and Cancer” (50 members of which 20 HDR-PI and 10 PhD students) at the Faculty of Medicine, as well as an elected member of the Scientific Committee and the Academic Council of the University. Subsequently to his postdoctoral positions in Brighton (MRC) and London (ICRF), he was a preclinical research lab Director at AstraZeneca (1997-2000, UK) and Pfizer (2000-009, France). His research interest is the prevention of metastasis occurrence with dietary and/or synthetic lipids and their molecular mechanisms of action on cancer cells. He has published over 70 research papers.

E. Bon, L.Brisson, S. Chevalier, P. Besson, S. Roger. NavB4: un suppresseur de métastases et un nouveau biomarqueur des cancers aggressifs. Médecine/Sciences, n°6-7, Vol 33, juin-juillet 2017, pages 596-599.

P. Bougnoux, N. Hajjaji, K. Maheo, C. Couet, S. Chevalier, Fatty acids and breast cancer: sensitization to treatments and prevention of metastatic re-growth, Prog Lipid Res, 49 (2010) 76-86.

E. Bon, V. Driffort, F. Gradek, C. Martinez-Caceres, M. Anchelin, P. Pelegrin, M.L. Cayuela, S. Marionneau-Lambot, T. Oullier, R. Guibon, G. Fromont, J.L. Gutierrez-Pajares, I. Domingo, E. Piver, A. Moreau, J. Burlaud-Gaillard, P.G. Frank, S. Chevalier, P. Besson, S. Roger, SCN4B acts as a metastasis-suppressor gene preventing hyperactivation of cell migration in breast cancer, Nature communications, 7 (2016) 13648.


  • 2009–present
    Professeur de Biochimie, Université François-Rabelais, Tours