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Lectures in systems engineering, University of South Australia

I have worked as Senior Lecturer in systems engineering at the Defence and Systems Institute - DASI - for the past seven years. I hold a PhD in astronomy from the Australian National University, and worked in Ireland for eight years as Assistant Professor of Astronomy at the Dublin Institute of Advanced Studies. My background includes working on infrared physics for British Aerospace Dynamics in England, and as Senior Systems Engineer and Operations Manager on the Australian FedSat satellite project for Vipac Engineers and Scientists Ltd.

Prior to joining DASI, I was Senior Technology Coordinator at the Australasian Centre for Policing Research. My current research interests include disaster management, and using systems methodologies for developing resilience to natural hazards in Pacific Island Nations and understanding adaptation to climate change by Indigenous Australians. In addition, I am interested in understanding Colony Collapse Disorder of bee hives colonies through experiment and dynamic modelling.


  • 2007–2014
    Senior Lecturer in System Engineering, Defence and Systems Institute, University of South Australia


  • 1989 
    Australian National University, PhD.
  • 1982 
    Hatfield Polytechnic, MSc


  • 2008
    How to measure the effects of systems engineering on the outcomes of a project, SETE Conference proceedings
  • 2007
    The potential for using UAVs in Australian security applications, Research Network for a Secure Australia