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Susan McGrath-Champ

Susan McGrath-Champ is Professor (Honorary) in Work and Organisational Studies at the University of Sydney Business School. She has a PhD from Macquarie University, Sydney and a Masters degree from the University of British Columbia, Canada.

Susan’s research extends perspectives on education studies to understand schools as workplaces as well as learning places. As the founder of the multi-disciplinary, multi-institution Work in Schools Research Group, she led a landmark study on school teachers’ work and workload in 2018 and is a co-chief investigator on an international research collaboration (‘STINT’) grant. Her cross-disciplinary focus scholarship on the geographical dimensions of employment relations allows examination of a wide array of employment practices across numerous sectors and industries.

Susan has been called as an expert witness giving evidence to the Commonwealth Government’s parliamentary inquiry into the Status of the Teaching Profession (2018) and the Gallop Inquiry (2020). Susan engages directly through her research with industry organisations, with her community-engaged work having wide impact. She is on the Advisory Board of Labour and Industry: a journal of the social and economic relations of work, and on the Editorial Advisory Committee of the Economic and Labour Relations Review. Susan is a Fellow of the Australian Human Resources Institute (FAHRI) and a professional Member of the Institute of Australian Geographers (MIAG).

Susan's teaching encompasses undergraduate, postgraduate and research-programs levels in employment and human resources management.


  • 1995–2018
    Dr, University of Sydney