Suzanne J Carroll

Assistant Professor, University of Canberra

Suzanne Carroll is an Assistant Professor (Public Health) at the Centre for Research and Action in Public Health, Health Research Institute, University of Canberra.

She attained her PhD from the University of South Australia, with research focused on neighbourhood social and built environment predictors of 10-year change in cardiometabolic risk. She joined the University of Canberra in 2017 moving into the role of Assistant Professor.

Suzanne’s research interests are in improving our understanding of the multiple interrelated influences, environmental and social, that drive or constrain health behaviour and outcomes. Understanding environmental and social influences is essential to inform targeted interventions to reduce population health disparities. She is particularly interested in social norms. Her research involves use of Geographic Information Systems to characterise environments and multilevel modelling to assess relationships. Suzanne also has experience in survey design, health- and fitness-related data collection including anthropometry and indirect calorimetry, and qualitative research methods.


  • 2017–present
    Assistant Professor, University of Canberra


  • 2017 
    University of South Australia, PhD (Population Health)