Jean Monnet Professor of European Union Law, University of Sheffield

I studied at Glasgow and Sheffield, and held academic posts at Durham, Manchester and Nottingham Law Schools, before joining Sheffield in 2007.

My main research interests are in the field of European Union social and constitutional law, in particular its application in health fields, social security and welfare, and non-discrimination. I have published on the European Union's competence in social fields, especially health law; on the regulation of tobacco in the EU context; on European public health law and policy; on the governance of stem cell research in the EU; on EU non-discrimination law and minority rights; and on the 'right to health' in European contexts. I am interested in socio-legal theory and method, in particular as applied to the law of the European Union.

I am currently working on two projects. One is an interdisciplinary project on the European Union's governance of health. This includes public health policies, such as anti-tobacco policy; the regulation of research, particularly in respect of new technologies; the design of healthcare systems; and the implications of the 'single European market' for healthcare. It also includes work on human rights. I am collaborating with scholars and policy-makers in the UK, on continental Europe and in the USA, from disciplines including law, health policy, sociology and political science. I am also beginning a project on global and comparative health law.

The other project is about equality and diversity in legal education and the legal profession.


  • 2007–present
    Jean Monnet Professor of European Union Law, University of Sheffield


Academician of Academy of Social Sciences