Tania De Koning-Ward

Associate Professor, Deakin University

The focus of our research is investigations into the virulence mechanisms of and development of immunity to malaria parasites, using a sophisticated range of molecular, biochemical and microscopy approaches.

We utilise both human (P. falciparum) and rodent (P. berghei) malaria transgenesis systems to genetically modify malaria genes in combination with biochemical and cellular approaches to dissect gene function in malaria parasites.

By understanding the key mechanisms by which parasites are able to survive within their host and cause disease, we aim to discover new drug and vaccine targets that can be used to prevent the large morbidity and mortality associated with malaria infections.


  • 2007–present
    Associate Professor, Deakin University


  • 1996 
    The University of Melbourne, Doctor of Philosophy
  • 1991 
    The University of Melbourne, Bachelor of Science (Honours)