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Thierry Lefèvre

Professionnel de recherche en science des matériaux et cofondateur du regroupement Des Universitaires, Université Laval

- 1997 : PhD un biophysics
- 1998 : postdoc fellow
- since 2001 : research associate at Université Laval
As a research professional, I am a specialist in vibrational spectroscopy (infrared and Raman) as well as in materials science and biological systems such as spider silk, amyloid proteins, antimicrobial peptides, as well as interactions with cell membrane models.

I am generally interested in the environmental impacts of human societies and technology as well as in society-nature interactions. My areas of interest relate more specifically to socioeconomic material metabolism, planetary degradation, planetary boundaries and the Anthropocene, as well as the viability of techno-industrial societies. My work and reading rationally lead me to conclude that society requires a major socio-ecological transformation. I have written several articles related to sustainable development in scientific journals, general medias and on my blog (


  • –present
    Research associate, in materials science, Université Laval


  • 1990 
    Université Paris 6 - Pierre et Marie Curie, Physics